SAGE 200 Odyssey Telesales

Odyssey Telesales Overview

Odyssey Telesales is designed for the fastest possible sales order processing, usually for clients who are repeatedly ordering the same products. Odyssey is fully synchronised to Sage 200 but, because it sits outside of the Sage 200 environment, you need not have paid for an expensive 200 user licence to use Odyssey.

The order processing environment is driven by templates that can be customer-specific, promotional, seasonal, and so on, that can be swiftly accessed, and products selected. It really could not be faster. Additionally, as the green section of the screen below demonstrates, you can easily view purchasing history to see when a customer has stopped buying x and y. Customer-specific pricing can all be maintained simply and easily in Odyssey and stored as part of the template control.

Using a familiar webshop type ‘add to basket’, user training on Odyssey is minimal and the system is hugely intuitive.

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As sales orders are compiled within Odyssey during the day, they are free to be interrogated, amended and deleted as much as needed until they are committed to Sage 200. The settings within Sage 200 Sales Order Processing then come into play and orders are processed as if they had been entered directly into 200.

maintain stock transfer

Finally, Odyssey Telesales also contains the ability to store call lists in a diary format. Not only are the various users prompted whom to contact and when, but it is also possible to re-schedule calls, pass tasks to a colleague, or to report upon when clients have no orders to place.

maintain stock transfer

For further information on this and other Roundhouse Add-ons for Sage 200, please contact your Sage Business Partner.